News: Floyd Mayweather Is the Highest-Paid Athlete in the Country for the Second Straight Year


They don’t call Floyd Mayweather Jr. “Money May” for nothing. For the second straight year, Mayweather just landed at the top of Sports Illustrated’s annual “Fortunate 50″ list thanks to two fights that will net him at least $90 million this year. There’s also a chance that he could earn well over $100 million this year, which means he’ll easily eclipse all of the other athletes on the “Fortunate 50″ list. Via Complex

Sports News: Floyd Mayweather Jr. Ties Largest Money Guarantee in Boxing History


Mayweather is guaranteed to make $32 million for his fight tonight against Robert Guerrero wow this ties the largest money guarantee in boxing history. I’m not surprised he has been getting money since day one why you think they call him Money. 90% of the $32 goes straight to his pockets. Talk about winning right! On the other hand Robert Guerrero is guaranteed the largest amount he has seen in his career at $3 million.

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